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We‘re all attracted to certain products and brands. But it can be hard to understand why. It’s because of how we perceive their meaning.

Our unique Meaning Centred Design™ process identifies the cultural references, individual needs and motivations that influence our perceptions - the way we think and the impulses we act on.

Recipe has the tools to decode these complex perceptions, identifying rich seams of opportunity upon which we can confidently act to deliver design solutions that truly resonate and endure.

Why meaning?

Great design doesn’t just solve practical and technical challenges, it taps into our sense of meaning; what makes us feel good, who we want to be, and the choices we make in everyday life.

Meaning is anchored in the values we hold and the cultures we live in. It guides our thoughts and feelings, motivates our actions, and underpins everything we do.

Some of these factors are obvious. Some are more subtle and often hidden. Yet they all combine to influence how we feel, and shape the impulses that drive us to look, act, buy, use and click.

Our Meaning Centred Design™ process decodes how people perceive brands and experiences, unlocking valuable insight, identifying rich seams of opportunity, and informing design solutions that focus on what matters to people to achieve commercial success and longevity.

Why Recipe?

We turn insight into action. We make strategy visible.

We are the pioneers of Meaning Centred Design™ – a proprietary process that helps companies create products, brands and services that improve the way we live and make a positive impact on health and wellbeing in people and the planet.

Recipe brings a unique mix of strategic tools and design techniques together to understand why things are perceived the way they are, informing strategic direction, and removing creative subjectivity to produce enduring design that provokes the responses in people that brands crave.

Our studio has pioneered this approach for over a decade to consistently deliver design solutions that are measurably more distinctive, more engaging, and more valued.

About Recipe Design - Strategic Design Agency

Working across healthcare, wellness and consumer lifestyles.

Every brand, product or space projects meanings. Meanings that shape, disrupt and guide perceptions and determine the relationships people have with them. We use meanings to create smarter design solutions and experiences that improve quality of life across the converging spaces of Health and Home.

Awards and recognition

Our Commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

As a strategic design consultancy focused on improving life through meaningful design across Healthcare and Home, Recipe is committed to positively impacting society and employing the highest levels of ethical practice across every aspect of our business.

Recipe Design is currently rated in the top 6% of our industry by EcoVadis – the world’s most trusted business sustainability index - and was awarded a silver medal in 2021 in recognition of achievements across key measures that define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Recipe is committed to demonstrating continuous improvement in meeting and exceeding these goals annually.