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Empathy as an ecosystem

Harnessing data to building a language of shared understanding

Connected smart health monitors that really listen to your pet.

Despite the size and penetration of the human wearables market, estimated to be worth around US$34bn currently and growing fast, the pet-tech sector is only just coming into its own. With a global population of pet cats and dogs numbering $630m and an annual spend of around $160bn, Felcana – a veterinary-led and veterinary-focused business - saw an opportunity.

Currently, the market features a small number of devices that carry high entry-level price tags despite being relatively unsophisticated. Usually they have no mechanism for automated data capture away from the device, and they are certainly not vet-recommended, or indeed, vet-connected

Pet-activity monitors don’t have to look like toys. They don’t have to be hefty and gimmicky. The human wearables market has got this right, designing stylish devices that fit seamlessly into everyday life.

We thought, why can’t pet devices be the same? Our vision – sophisticated design teamed with cutting-edge tech.

Dr. James Andrews

Head of Felcana and veterinary surgeon

Felcana approached Recipe with a vision to create a pet-wearable connected ecosystem that would offer owners more insight and peace of mind about the wellbeing of their pets and provide vets with clinically reliable and viable data enabling faster, more accurate diagnosis and timely interventions.

The Recipe Design team employed a meaning-centred design approach to unlock what owners actually want, and what pets really need. This started with identifying and blending two areas of rich cultural meaning - ‘connected wellness’ and ‘shared understanding’.

This blend allowed owners to feel even closer to their pets, whilst providing the trust and reassurance of an integrated healthcare solution.

The Felcana ecosystem

1. Helix, a smart connected device that comes with it’s own bespoke collar and can also attach to any existing cat or dog collar.

2. Micro-location beacons, which detect where your pet is at all times.

3. Home hub, Helix’s charging station, range extender, and your pet’s data nests.

During the process, it was recognised that while pet health was central, the Felcana experience could and should be so much more than that. It was an opportunity to look at the entire owner-pet-relationship and emotional spectrum as a totality. From points of curiosity, like ‘what does my pet get up to when I am not around?’ to spanning different life stages to and addressing anxieties such as sickness or loss.

The close working partnership between Recipe and Felcana has resulted in the creation of a range of beautifully realised devices and a data driven ecosystem that delivers a uniquely compelling owner-pet experience.

The product experience has been crafted to encourage an empowered relationship between owners and their pets. Ultimately this has resulted in a premium yet caring aesthetic, blending high-tech forms and finishes with more approachable leatherwork.

Miles Hawley


Recipe Design