Molecular Health admin June 7, 2022

Molecular Health | Brand Strategy & Communications Design

Encapsulating the power of biomedical data

Communicating with clarity, consistency and impact

How do you design a visual language to grow with a rapidly evolving brand?

Since 2017, Recipe has conceptualised and executed a renewed visual language for Molecular Health, with enough flexibility to evolve alongside the business as it changes and grows.

The new brand identity celebrates the central role Dataome plays in Molecular Health’s targeted product offerings. It communicates the power and potential of biomedical data and leading-edge computer science to transform our global healthcare ecosystem, whilst providing easily-navigable content for potential partners and customers.

Recipe has executed a programme of brand refinement work perfectly for Molecular Health, bringing all creative elements up to date. Now, our brand provides us with a framework to keep growing while remaining clear and consistent.

I’ve come to know Recipe as an agency with a streamlined approach founded on a powerful combination of customer insight and a strong sense of modern design.

Thomas König

Head of Marketing & PR

Molecular Health

Recipe has delivered branded communication and narrative in the form of websites, internal document templates, printed marketing materials, trade show stands, moving image assets, business stationery and social media assets.

To ensure controlled and consistent execution, Brand Guidelines were created to manage the use of typefaces, brand imagery, colour schemes and logo presence, which are used by both internal and external teams.

The new website was launched at the start of Q3 in 2019, after which the number of visitors to the site increased 11% from the first half of the year and the average session duration increased by 20%.