Services admin March 28, 2022

Recipe Design is a creative product, packaging and UX design agency that aligns human needs and desires with emerging science and technology.

Meanings can shift quickly in light of new product launches, social economic and cultural change. A Meaning Centred Design Sprint is a fast, high value, but low-cost approach to understand and map meaning, ensuring relevance and resonance in times of change.

Global challenges mean it’s not always possible to be face-to-face. Remote research allow us to go deeper in ‘at-distance’ studies, from daily engagement in long term handling studies to ethno-depth interviews in participants own environments.

Working collaboratively with client team and stakeholders is key in delivering actionable, meaningful project outcomes. Moderated workshops and working sessions drive engagement and ownership of insight and meaning propositions.

Decoding and interpreting the meanings and drivers of the signs and symbols that define our world allows us to intercept, shape and even create new meanings and commercial opportunities for organisations, products and brands.

Analysis and understanding of shared values, customs, habits and world views ensures products and experiences are relevant and resonant across cultures and markets.

From discursive to behavioural, what people say and do are invaluable data points for creating products and experiences that are truly human-centric and culturally relevant.

Identifying, observing and unpacking the explicit and tacit forces that shape culture and behavior today and how they may inform consumer behaviors in the future.

Plotting entire category and product ecosystems to capture the relationships, interactions and co-dependencies, thereby exposing the gaps and potential new territories for value creation.

Agile and immersive, this method allows us to quickly assess and adapt to audience or end-user reactions and opinions while protecting design intent.

Being clear and compelling about what a product or experience means, could mean and the value it delivers, is fundamental to building robust, yet flexible brand strategies and platforms.

Narratives delivered with authenticity and inspiration afford deeper connections for audiences and users creating more holistic brand experiences.

Packaging is often the first, tangible brand touchpoint a consumer may encounter. From physical structures to graphics, ranging to shop-ability, all must work together to create the right impression, differentiation and desirability.

Balancing elegance and form; function and usability, product and industrial design turns utility into purpose and need into desire.

Synchronising inputs with outcomes and optimising user experiences with user expectations is at the heart of designing elegant, adaptive digital applications.

Richer stories, deeper understandings and more immersive experiences can often be better expressed through the moving image. Complexity becomes clearer, features become benefits and passive interactions become deeper encounters.