MCD Sprint admin March 29, 2022

Meaning Centred Design Sprints

Do you want to develop powerful, meaningful experiences that are more engaging, distinctive and valuable?

People live in culture, but also make culture. These visible and invisible forces guide and influence human behaviours and actions in diverse ways. With ever increasing social economic and technological change comes dramatic shifts in cultural meanings. How do you ensure relevance in this shifting cultural landscape?

Meaning Centred Design (MCD) unpicks the contradictions that consumers construct, to discover insights into the roadmaps, strategies and tactics needed to shape deeper, more meaningful connections to create opportunities in both the near and long term. We can use meanings to create smarter design solutions and experiences that improve quality of life across the converging spaces of Health and Home.

Who is our MCD Sprint for?

This is a speedy and agile package for business owners, innovation leaders and managers who want to discover how Meaning Centred Design can be rapidly translated into new commercial opportunities, with the potential to make their brands, products and services more relevant and appealing for customers. It’s a great way to get quick actionable insights that can form the foundation for broader and deeper analysis and product development.

What’s Included?

Our MCD Sprint activity is a high value, but low-cost.

It involves a streamlined version of our unique 5 step MCD process, used when we transform product and go-to-market strategies for market leading brands, such as Braun, Kohler, Electrolux, Sanofi, Galderma and Bang & Olufsen. This process is valued by our clients for being time efficient, actionable and highly effective in unlocking new revenue opportunities.

Mapping out the Meaning

As part of your MCD Sprint, you will receive research, analysis, mapping and insights from our team of expert strategists, in addition to a review session with one of our expert MCD consultants who will take you through the learnings and conclusions.

We start with an initial consultation with you online, to understand the scope of your area of interest and frame the key questions. Over the course of 30 days, your Recipe Design Consulting Team will move through 5 steps and provide a bespoke final report.

We will be able to answer any questions you may have and provide recommendations on next steps or alternative strategies to consider. By investing in an MCD Sprint, you can quickly gain clarity and insight around those unanswered questions to understand why your brand and products matter and how they can align with people’s values and needs.

If you would like to further discuss how a MCD Sprint can quickly transform your go-to-market strategy, please get in touch via our Contact page.

Meaning Centred Design Assessment

You can also get a free, detailed report with instant recommendations by completing our simple, interactive online MCD Assessment Tool. The results are confidential and will help you quickly assess your situation and identify key areas where you can use a meaning centred approach to help develop more powerful, meaningful brand and product experiences.