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Brands and retailers are responsible for billions of single-use plastic packaging introduced into the market each year. Instead of relying on unnecessary and harmful single-use packaging, they must find alternative solutions that protect the environment.

Vision RT

Vision RT are world leaders in the field of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT), a sub-millimetre accurate means of detecting patient position and movement during radiotherapy treatment to ensure the point of treatment is within the fine tolerances required

What Asthma Treatments Can Learn from Diabetes Care

Asthma and related breathing conditions affect 300 million people worldwide. This has recently been a focus of public concerns due to the implications of NHS cuts and the cost-of-living crisis for those already at risk.

Reflecting on the Global Wellness Summit 2022

Recipe Design recently returned from the 2022 Global Wellness Summit (GWS) which took place for the first time in Tel Aviv, Israel. The city provided a vibrant backdrop to the event which brought together over 400 C-level delegates from 50 countries.

Global Wellness Summit 2022

Miles Hawley, CEO of Recipe Design will be attending the Global Wellness Summit 2022 later this month.Taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel Oct 31st – November 3rd 2022, the Global Wellness Summit has been held annually since 2007, bringing together leaders and visionaries to positively impact and shape the future of the $4.5trillion global wellness industry.

The Ecosystem Opportunity Connecting Health and Home

Companies need to embrace and promote a view of connected wellness that empowers their consumers to improve their lives, educates them on how to do so, and incentivizes them to engage in a long term relationship within their ecosystems.

The Future of Consumer Technology in 2022

This year at the 2022 Consumer Electronic Show, one of the most influential tech events across the globe, sustainability continues to be a main focus. In this article, we explore some of the biggest trends showcased throughout the event.

Sustainability in Packaging Innovation

This year we attended the Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging event at Olympia London. In this article, we explore the main trend showcased throughout the event; how brands are implementing sustainability into their products.

The Personal Connection

Using advances in DNA and real-time analytics through Ai, connected fitness is about to get hyper-personalised.

Features of a Great Branding Agency

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right branding agency for your business. We share some thoughts on what to look for in getting the right fit.

What Is Branding In Marketing?

Effective brand strategy and design runs through every aspect of marketing, and consistency is key as it is applied across all customer facing touchpoints.

The Benefit Of Healthcare Branding

Effective branding is essential for any business in the healthcare sector, with fierce competition coming from B2B and B2C companies who are repositioning their offers.

The Future of Wellness in 2022

Wellness in health and home is essential, however it has never been more relevant than in this past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it is now simply at the fore of everything we do.

What Is Iterative Design And How Is It Important

Iterative design is a powerful tool to have in your design arsenal. By approaching your website or program as a living and evolving project rather than something static, you can consistently improve upon it.

Integrating Branding Into Healthcare

In an era defined by consumerism, the need for branding is becoming a real necessity in the health and wellness sector, and the constant barrage of new, mind-boggling inventions in healthcare is only set to continue.

Creating opportunity in Connected Fitness

Whether it’s trying to lose some of that Covid weight or a prescribed healthcare necessity, no matter the reason, that person out running in the cold and dark is on a journey driven by a single goal to succeed.

Remote Research: New Methodologies for a Changing World

Our Strategic Insight team discuss how they have adapted their approaches to consumer research since the start of the pandemic. They share the challenges faced, the learnings gained and the new, flexible techniques they have developed in response.

Empathetic AI: A True Partnership Between Users and AI

Empathetic AI seeks to establish a user empowered relationship based on trust and understanding – a must for connected technology in health & home. But, before we can implement Empathetic AI we must re-think how we design and interact with AI today.

How to Execute Effective Brand Strategy Planning

What does your brand and the products it offers mean to people? By analysing and understanding the meanings your brand interacts with, you can not only react to them, but influence how those meanings change in the future.

Why Meaning Matters in Healthcare Design

The meanings embedded in healthcare objects, experiences and interactions can have huge implications on uptake, adherence and usage as well as functional and practical performance.

Covid 19 The Impact On Meanings

The rapid growth and acceptance of the CBD category has sometimes resulted in conflicting meaning and undermined credibility. We examine the opportunities to support coherent meanings of authenticity, performance and efficacy.

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