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Developing a unique visual language

Creating a bespoke identity

Tinchy Stryder headphones

As part of an ongoing collaboration with the Dixons Carphone OEM team, Recipe designed and developed a unique visual language for the Tinchy Stryder endorsed range of Goji headphones.

Unlike previous (OEM) briefs, where the Recipe team would focus on the intelligent use of colours, materials and finishes applied to ‘off the shelf’ units to create identity, this was an opportunity to work directly with Dixon’s manufacturers in Asia to create something truely bespoke.

Using our extensive knowledge of the category, we were able to create a range of designs targeted at fashion- and price-conscious music fans, who were looking for a product that offers both value and style but does not compromise on quality.

Consisting of three SKUs, over-ear, on-ear and in-ear units, each item of the range carries a recognisable note moulding detail. The overall look is finished with Tinchy’s trademark signature.

In projects like this, balancing the needs of varied stakeholders, without compromising design intent demands a shared vision and collaborative approach.​

Miles Hawley


Recipe Design