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Making smart homes meaningful

Articulating a bold vision for the ‘future of living’

MyGlobalHome is a group of experts looking to shape the future of living by driving meaningful conversation and partnerships between innovators in the space. This focus on the ‘future of living’ has contributed to a breadth of vision for the company, straddling diverse issues such as carbon neutral construction and facilitating better healthcare in the home.

Recipe Design was tasked with distilling this proposition into a single brand story, which could be clearly communicated across all channels and instil confidence in potential stakeholders.

The resulting brand identity and strategic positioning delivered by Recipe Design centres around a single, aspirational vision for the future; one in which our homes look after us, and not the other way around. The brand’s new tone of voice and visual assets work to convey a sense of collaboration and approachability, inviting stakeholders to join MyGlobalHome on its journey.

The Recipe design team developed an illustrative style that was adopted to produce short, animated vignettes of smart home scenarios which demonstrate how the complex can be made simple.

In the animations, isometric tiles conveying various elements - a kitchen in one, a living space in another – move together to reveal a bold new vision for ‘living’.

Not only is this approach scalable as the company evolves, but using illustrations allows MyGlobalHome to achieve universal understanding and transcend language barriers.

MyGlobalHome recognised how a meaning centred approach would help them avoid deployment of technology for technology’s sake; we immediately connected over the opportunity to imagine a new ‘future of living’ that would avoid gimmicks and overcome fragmented thinking to deliver holistically considered solutions. With healthcare and home converging faster than ever before, we are drawing on years of experience in both sectors to create new services that will empower and improve quality of life for everyone

Simon Browning


Recipe Design

We approached Recipe Design based on our shared belief in meaningfully adding value to consumers’ lives. Crucially, their work is underpinned by an impressive depth of research and understanding of changing consumer behaviour as it pertains to the home. From the outset, the team have impressed us with their nuanced perspective on the challenges and opportunities we face as a business. We’re confident that we have found the right partner to help us articulate our vision at every stage of our journey.

Lee McCormack

Chief Executive Officer and Head of Design