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Cetaphil | Brand Strategy & Packaging Design

Understanding trust and how it was built

Coherent design that makes the new feel known

Developing and extending a trusted global brand

Galderma specialises in innovative medical solutions to meet the dermatological needs of consumers and healthcare professionals. Established over 70 years ago, Cetaphil is Galderma’s most commercially successful brand, recommended by dermatologists around the world for dry, sensitive or disease compromised skin.

Recipe was asked to develop a new brand identity for Cetaphil. An identity which consumers would instantly recognise, but that would be considered more contemporary, premium and efficacious.

Galderma wanted to harmonise and consolidate the enormous range of SKUs, using a new design philosophy to ensure range navigation was significantly simpler in both retail and online shopping scenarios.

Our solution evolves the previous colour palette and iconic overlapping ellipses, into to dimensionally controlled pools of translucent, overlapping, vibrant and dynamic forms.

A vertically compressed format allows significantly more room for primary and secondary information on pack, whist chrome elements generate dynamism and create a more premium aesthetic.

The new word marque has been handcrafted and is visually lighter and more space-efficient, whilst clearly derived from its iconic predecessor.

Vinca Bonduelle

Global Marketing Manager


Recipe have been the best Cetaphil global marketing partner: The Recipe team have been able, in a very agile way, to understand the brand challenges from a strategic and operational standpoint. I strongly recommend them as a creative and strategic design partner.


A comprehensive portfolio of baby products featuring bespoke animal-character illustrations that aid consumer navigation and bring a comforting, soft appeal to the brand.


A professional OTC range designed to create a premium product range that targets health care professionals and consumers alike.


A comprehensive range of UV protection products, with Adult, Kids and Baby SKUs differentiated by dedicated logo lockups and illustrations that align with the Core and Baby portfolios.

Together we relaunched the brand with a new identity, later building our first global consumer brand books, and our first Core and Baby line digital toolkits.

Recipe are also the guardians of the entire Cetaphil Packaging guidelines. Beyond these achievements the team is always responsive, available, reactive and willing to support us in all types brand, graphic and packaging contexts.

Vinca Bonduelle

Global Marketing Manager


Recipe created the Cetaphil Brand Book to ensure consistent brand presentation across global markets. It communicates the brand essence and tone of voice across all touchpoints for a growing portfolio, and provides guidance and key information to teams around the world to enable local translation for the brand.

Additionally, digital toolkits were created to showcase the brand assets available for the Cetaphil family of brands, including Baby, Pro and Sun. The toolkits detail the latest marketing campaign materials, packaging CGI’s, artworks, photography, social media and digital assets available for use in brand communications worldwide.