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Sanofi engaged Recipe to develop a suite of patient and clinician training tools for the new MyStar DoseCoach®, a blood glucose monitor with integral dose helper function, which assists in the self-adjustment of insulin glargine doses according to clinician’s instructions.

We live in a world where most people don’t read instructions - even cleverly designed quick start guides that accompany premium consumer electronics are often bypassed.

So how do we get patients to engage with healthcare instructions, given the perception that they are overly confusing and complex to most users?

Through a process of iterative co-design with clinicians, patients and client representatives, the Recipe team quickly discovered that a variety of mediums with varying tones of voice were required in order to command the attention of the user.

It was also quickly evident that the content had to be presented in a clear, accessible and engaging way that could flex across different channels and contexts, from clinical situations to open online searches.

Our guiding principle was to imagine the way in which a good friend might explain how to use MyStar DoseCoach® in the simplest terms.

Recipe derived a variety of paper-based and video training tools that worked for both patients and clinicians. Rejecting more expected clinical styles, the Recipe team proposed two approaches; the first, a more approachable tone featuring clear, simple language, actual devices (not CGI), real environments and a more ‘human’, less corporate voice over.

The second employed an unexpected stop frame approach. This stand apart narrative style took seemingly functional information and presented it to users in a far more experiential, immersive way.

Both sets of videos have since been translated into 7 different languages to support the launch of MyStar DoseCoach® across a number of global markets.

Working with Recipe, we created a number of innovative and customer centric patient and HCP training materials for both offline and online use. Thanks to the Recipe approach practitioners and people suffering with Diabetes are able to use our products with confidence, resulting in less demand on our call centers.

Recipe has design thinking in their DNA, providing help to our HCP and patient community and supporting our Diabetic products and services.

Ben Delhey

Global Marketing Director

Sanofi Global Business Unit General Medicine