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Data-driven brand strategies for high-impact solutions

Recipe is a brand strategy agency based in London. Our approach places the wants and needs of your customer at the very heart of your brand strategy to create powerful marketing and communications tools that deliver unprecented visibility and build lasting connections with stakeholders and end users.

Working with what we know – not what we feel

Guesswork isn’t good enough for any company wanting to engage its market with meaningful product innovation or service propositions. We use advanced data collection and analysis to identify opportunities that can be tangibly defined and translated into strategies that cross functional business teams can act upon with clarity and speed.

Using insight to remove subjectivity and make decisions that centre on the customer and user experience is critical in delivering propositions that are relevant and valuable.

We’re constantly tracking healthcare, home and consumer lifestyle sectors and the cultural and behavioural trends shaping them. With years of experience in developing proprietary insight for clients across B2B and B2C markets we are able to rapidly form a deep understanding of what is driving your customer and end user behavior and what needs to be done to build and nurture rewarding relationships with them.

An award winning team pioneering Meaning Centred Design™ for brands

We work with businesses of all kinds, from entrepreneurs and start-ups to established SMEs and global brands. With decades of collective experience our team know how to apply our adaptive Meaning Centred Design™ process, blending insight, strategy and creativity to deliver great outcomes and meet time, cost and quality expectations.

We're especially adept at helping our clients navigate change. This might require a focus on new or emerging markets, identifying ways of adapting to shifts in cultural values, or exploring micro or macro trends shaping the future to ensure that business can invest in brand strategy and design direction and innovate with confidence.

Our award winning approach to brand and strategy design

Being clear about what a brand, product, service or experience means to all stakeholders is fundamental to developing strategies that are compelling, robust and adaptable.

Recipe Design is an agency with a unique approach to designing brand ecosystems. Our studio has pioneered the principles and practice of Meaning Centred Design™ for over 10 years. Rather than make proposals that flatter to deceive, our brand strategy experts and design consultants will optimise your approach to ensure that every touchpoint addresses the expectations and meets the needs of your target customers. It’s our tried-and-tested way of ensuring we create the right proposition, for the right people, at precisely the right time.

How we’ll bring your brand to market

As one of London’s leading brand strategy agency teams, we’ll always start by asking the questions that challenge, reframe or focus on what it is our clients are trying to achieve. This not only builds an atmosphere of trust and certainty, but establishes a framework for clear decision making and effective partnership. No two programmers of work are identical and we always tailor our approach to meet specific business objectives.

Our strategic design and brand consultancy services are founded on a series of key principles that drives the right blend of insight and creativity into the brand development process.

Reframed thinking

Most brands attempt to understand their consumers in the context of their own business. This is no longer enough to keep pace. By understanding customers based on their broader lived experiences, new design opportunities come into play.

Market research that matters

Data is nothing without the right form of analysis and testing. We go beyond reporting on your industry, your competitors and target customers with an advanced toolkit that brings ethnographic observations, cultural insight and semiotic analysis together to identify a pathway to high performance.

Primed go to market planning

Perception drives action. By changing perspective and unpicking the contradictions consumers project, richer pictures emerge. From a position of deep understanding, we reconstruct the road map, strategies and tactics needed to shape meanings and create opportunities in both the near and long term.

Consumer insights with meaning

Everything we do is founded on what things mean to people and why these meanings matter. We use a range of quantitative and qualitative research techniques to build a deep understanding of stakeholders, customers, consumers and end users and identify the insights behind new opportunity areas. We not only report on but map these insights so they can be easily understood and acted upon by marketing, design and development teams.

Clear design intent

Our world class team has pioneered the use of semiotics and cultural analysis as integral to the design and NPD process for over 15 years. We understand the importance of making strategy visible and use iterative design techniques to validate insight and design intent and set clear guidelines for implementation across brand, product, service and marketing communications.

Carefully considered communications

Blending insight, strategy and creativity allows us to see the opportunities, express them with clarity and bring them to life through design and communications that are optimised for your market and specific audiences. We are experts in using a range of physical and digital media to tell your story in a compelling way using models and prototypes, printed media, film and animation.

Brand strategy and design services

Our studio is made up of 15 world class brand strategy and design specialists who are experts in delivering Meaning Centred Design™ services including;

User Research and Expert Interviews

Remote Research Studies

Brand Strategy

Opportunity & Category Mapping

Trend Analysis and Futurecasting

Semiotics and Category Codes

Cultural Insights & Ethnography

Storytelling & Content Creation

Digital UI & UX Design

Film Making & Animation

Innovation Workshops

Iterative Design Research