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January 2022

With a new year, comes new trends and insights for us to delve into. But before we discuss the future, we would like to reflect on the past. This month, we look into some of our favourite projects we worked on this past year, including the 2021 Meaning Centred Design Awards and what to expect for 2022.

We also share an article focusing on consumer electronic trends in light of the annual CES taking place this week.

One of our favourites was ADD•FLO, an internal project undertaken by the Recipe team, looking at a potential future for connected asthma care.

Asthma affects over 300 million people worldwide. As a lifelong condition with no cure, implementing an effective management strategy that combines written advice and prescribed medication is currently believed to be the most successful way to treat asthma.

ADD·FLO is a compact system that enables people with asthma to better understand their condition, take control of their symptoms and actively improve the quality of their lives.

Its unique combination of physical devices and digital tools work together to support better management of moderate asthma in adults.

By prioritising core patient and human needs, utilising cutting-edge technology and demonstrating future-facing solutions, ADD·FLO addresses asthma management holistically and intuitively, through Meaning Centred Design™.

Read more on this project here.

Introducing Daylong, an evolution for the iconic Swiss brand by the team at Recipe Design.

Daylong is the leading sun protection brand in Switzerland, with an estimated market share of 21%. In danger of losing out to new, disruptive brands and diversifying competitors, the Daylong team commissioned a rebrand to retain market share and appeal more to the modern Swiss consumer.

Recipe utilised a research-led approach, conducting discourse, semiotic and competitor analysis of Swiss sun protection to inform the strategic positioning for the rebrand.

The final design was developed and delivered as print-ready artworks and extensive design guidelines to support the roll-out of the new design across the entire brand portfolio, balancing Daylong’s established heritage with a modern appeal.

Read more on this project here.

Another one of our favourites this year was our work with MyGlobalHome.

MyGlobalHome is a group of experts looking to shape the future of living by driving meaningful conversation and partnerships between innovators in the space.

This focus on the ‘future of living’ has contributed to a breadth of vision for the company, straddling diverse issues such as carbon neutral construction and facilitating better healthcare in the home.

Recipe Design was tasked with distilling this proposition into a single brand story, which could be clearly communicated across all channels and instil confidence in potential stakeholders.

Read more on this project here.

As 2022 rolls in we want to draw attention to the innovative and insightful entries we received for the Meaning-Centred Design Award 2021.

The annual Meaning Centred Design Awards celebrate the best student and graduate projects that respond to shifts in meaning around a central theme. 2021 saw sweeping changes to the way we live and work. As we retreated to our ‘lockdown home’s for the Winter months, increased value and significance was placed on garden space. Food provision, preferences and cooking rituals adapted. New forms of socialisation were created, like virtual parties and pub quizzes.

In 2021, we selected Viu by Alex D’souza as the overall winner because it brought together several meanings that are pertinent to the lockdown home environment. It responded to distinct changes in the ways we work, adapting to the dominance of virtual environments and digital communication whilst still enabling physical and paper-based practices to be translated, included and celebrated.

The behind the scenes work for MCD 2022 will start soon and we can’t wait to showcase the thought provoking entries this year will bring. Follow us for updates and visit @meaningcentred to see the previous shortlists and winners. Good luck!

Climate change is quickly becoming the most urgent issue of our time; across every industry we find ourselves reflecting on how we can be more environmentally aware. This year at the 2022 Consumer Electronic Show, one of the most influential tech events across the globe, it doesn’t come without a doubt that sustainability is the leading trend.

In this article, we explore how the quick shifting nature of the consumer electronic industry has shaped some of the trends showcased at this year’s CES.

Read more on this article here.

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