Daylong admin June 18, 2022


Evolving an iconic Swiss brand

Balancing established heritage with modern appeal

Daylong is the leading sun protection brand in Switzerland, with an estimated market share of 21%. In danger of losing out to new, disruptive brands and diversifying competitors, the Daylong team commissioned a rebrand to retain market share and appeal more to the modern Swiss consumer.

Recipe utilised a research-led approach, conducting discourse, semiotic and competitor analysis of Swiss sun protection to inform the strategic positioning for the rebrand.

Three opportunity areas were developed, each identifying how the brand could stretch to meet the evolving meanings in the sun protection category, whilst retaining Daylong’s established identity as a premium, high quality Swiss brand.

Informed by remote consumer research

Recipe conducted remote quantitative and qualitative studies with target Swiss consumers in German and French.

The quantitative study examined Daylong and its main competitors, interrogating consumers’ brand awareness, their interpretation of current packaging, as well as the values and on-pack claims of most importance to them.

The qualitative study included deep-dives into each of the five lead concepts singularly and as part of a competitive shelf set, as well as further probing on key claims and benefits.

The findings were analysed and provided in a full research report combining the qualitative and quantitative insights, identifying a clear lead concept for finalisation.

It was an absolute pleasure working with the Recipe team. They delivered an informed and differentiated brand evolution for the whole Daylong range against a very challenging timeline. The new design is much fresher, it notably improves our shelf standout against competitors and delivers on each of the key goals for the rebrand, whilst communicating Daylong’s established brand attributes. I look forward to continuing to work with them as the Daylong brand evolves.

Saskia Meier, Brand Management Consumer

Business Switzerland Galderma

Final design refinement and execution

The final design was developed and delivered as print-ready artworks and extensive design guidelines to support the roll-out of the new design across the entire brand portfolio.

As part of the final design, a full set of bespoke iconography was created to communicate key claims on-pack, as well as specific graphic aids to support differentiation and shelf presence for key sub brands.