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February 2022

The start of 2022 was kicked off with the annual Consumer Electronics Show, one of the most influential tech events across the globe. This month at Recipe, we explore the trending themes across an array of industries showcased at the event. The two that stood out to us the most were ‘Getting Metaverse-Ready’ and ‘Sustainability In Tech’.

This year’s CES featured multiple companies and industries getting ‘metaverse-ready’. Some of the most interesting new products and services came from the fitness and beauty categories.

Perfect Corp launched their innovative virtual try-on solution, a 3D beauty booth using advanced AI & AR technologies. The booth included virtual assets such as an AI-foundation shade finder and a try-on feature for accessories. Perfect Corp’s virtual booth has launched the beauty industry onto a whole new level and is set to prepare brands for the fast-approaching Metaverse.

Another category taking virtual reality to a higher-grade is the fitness industry. The at home fitness brand Liteboxer VR has announced their new feature ‘entering the metaverse’. Already offering workouts led by real trainers, it now also includes real time head-to-head competitions with friends and other users by enabling square-offs in challenges. And to make your experience even more enjoyable, it is now offered as controller-free, meaning there is no need to grip bulky hardware.

For many workplaces pre-pandemic, working solely online was unimaginable. Now, supported by collaborative tools and online software, many workers are no longer bound by proximity and can work from anywhere. As employers start to reintroduce staff to the office, they now have to learn how to incorporate those who are both physically and virtually present.

An example of this is Horizon Workrooms by Facebook; a virtual collaboration experience that allows team mates to come together and work in the same room. It’s designed to improve your team’s quality of work by offering a virtual space where you can communicate freely and work remotely.

Tech companies across the globe are starting to play a major role in shaping an environmentally friendly future. As circularity and energy saving options become more obtainable, consumer electronics companies are finding ways to weave more sustainable solutions into their product development output.

The Swedish based speaker and headphone brand Urbanista, has created self-charging headphones powered by Powerfoyle – a green technology inspired by photosynthesis. By using this green technology, the solar cell material allows an infinite amount of clean energy to the headphones when exposed to any kind of indoor or outdoor light.

As plant-based alternatives are at a new high, consumers are now changing their diet to include less or no meat. Creating a tasty plant-based product is a primary goal, but consumers are also searching for the most sustainable production processes.

Food technology start up The Protein Brewery offer an animal-free protein called ‘fermotein’ that has undergone a brewing process, deploying fermentation technologies using locally sourced and water efficient crops. This method offers an environmentally friendly process and enables animal-based food production to be significantly reduced.

Another innovative solution for sustainability in the food technology industry is the Dutch start-up Orbisk. Through AI- based technology the device uses recognition software to measure how much food waste is being thrown away. It also provides detailed insights into what kind of food and at what time of day, allowing you to plan ahead and prevent further waste.

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