Healthcare Branding admin March 31, 2022

Healthcare branding services

As competition intensifies in the fast growing health and wellness space, companies need effective strategies to stake their claim in the market. The team at Recipe are equipped with the tools and techniques that will help you create and execute a brand strategy that addresses the wellness opportunity in a way that will resonate and endure.

Specialists in the health and wellness space

Our unique approach to brand strategy, design and development has been successfully deployed for companies working in and across the healthcare, home, consumer lifestyle and wellness sectors for over a decade. These are the sectors we love to work in and that Meaning Centred Design™ has been optimised to address.

As Health and Home continue to converge and behaviours and values shift in response to societal change and technological possibility, we are helping organisations within these markets empower, educate and incentivise their customers and transform the way they live.

Challenging the status quo

The healthcare sector is incredibly well placed and indeed must embrace the opportunity to adopt a more consumer focused approach to design and marketing. The team at Recipe use stakeholder research and consumer insight to ensure tired cliches and cold, clinical approaches are avoided and more meaningful communications that are measurably more effective developed.

We’re bringing meaning to our clients’ strategies and creating relevant and enduring work that will be at the forefront of the health and wellness industry tomorrow. With years of experience working with some of the world’s most successful global healthcare brands we know how to make a meaningful difference and move things forward.

Our approach

For the world class team at Recipe, our purpose is to find meaning. Our passion is to design relentlessly around it. We always bring a fresh perspective. We avoid assumption and subjectivity. We don’t create anything that isn’t aligned to the values, wants and needs of your customers and end users.

We know that the go-to approaches of the past are not cutting it amongst consumers that expect and increasingly demand that companies say more, do more, and be more that is meaningful to them.

Being clear about why you exist, what you do and how you do it is only part of the branding process. Recipe can help you define precisely what it is that makes your vision compelling, and help you articulate your proposition in a way that engages and inspires your audience.

Uncovering your key points of difference

Working with you to create a powerful value proposition that plays to your unique strengths and sets you apart in an ever more crowded and competitive market.

Researching market needs

Collecting the data we need to inform the right branding strategy for your healthcare business using in-depth patient, HCP and consumer interviews, ethnographic studies, and leading edge analytical techniques that surface insights and valuable forms of meaning.

Harnessing current and future trends

Developing an identity system that meets your business needs, always involves looking at where things are headed to ensure design and communications remain agile and able to adapt to developments in and around your core market.

Developing your naming system

Meaningful use of language is essential in developing effective naming solutions for brands, products and service propositions. Recipe is adept at developing naming systems that speak to the values and motivations of your audience, using iterative development and testing to refine and validate ideas.

Establishing your brand values

Meaning Centred Design offers a powerful way of translating the essence of your business into a brand identity with values that resonate with the people you aim to serve. Once defined, we produce guidelines that help you to communicate with clarity, coherence and consistency.

Producing eye-catching creative

The Recipe Design team are able to quickly generate marketing toolkits and visual assets for products, packaging and online platforms that are creatively distinct, and realised with purpose.

Enabling impactful marketing campaigns

We partner with marketing teams to ensure they have the assets they need to support events and campaigns on and offline, building toolkits that are consistent with the insights that drove the product strategy. This optimises promotional performance in the form of tangible returns.

Exploring new routes to better engagement

The Recipe studio team works across all channels to tell your story in a more immersive way using leading edge visualisation tools to quickly generate realistically rendered stills, films and animations.

Healthcare branding services

Our approach is always aligned to your company objectives, timescales and budgetary expectations. After an initial no fee consultation, our specialists will define a bespoke programme of work that we believe will help you realise your business goals –avoiding duplication of effort and optimising your investment.

With a world class team possessing many years of experience in healthcare branding, design and business strategy, Recipe has the expertise to partner with you to lead, manage and support development across the brand ecosystem.

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Semiotics and market analysis

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