Consumer Healthcare Design admin March 31, 2022

Consumer healthcare design

It’s your job to help make your customer’s lives better. At Recipe, it’s our responsibility to make sure you can reach and engage as many people as possible, with meaningful design that delivers on your company’s promise.


An innate understanding of the personal healthcare sector

New and emerging technologies are transforming our awareness of the human body and, crucially, how we can look after it more effectively. The science and scope of modern-day consumer healthcare fascinates our team, as does the opportunity to shape the future of our society through better knowledge and faster access to services that improve life.

That’s why we specialise in delivering strategic design solutions to businesses in this ever-evolving sector. We’ve spent more than 15 years building on our understanding of the relationships consumers have with health and wellness providers, and how these connections drive innovation at company level and in wider industry environments.

Establishing trust for bigger impact

In the healthcare sector, there’s no greater honour than gaining the trust of your key stakeholders – patients, HCPs and increasingly, consumers.

Using tried-and-tested design and marketing methods – and drawing upon the ethos of Meaning Centred Design™, our own formula for commercial success – we create assets and campaigns that tap into the values that truly motivate all of your customers.

Where necessary, we incorporate extensive research and analysis into branding and design projects, to generate the insights that will help us design the touchpoints that instil greater confidence in your company and the solutions it provides.

Our approach

At Recipe, we know that every brand and every brand story is different. Experience has taught us however that there are foundational processes we can follow to deliver the best results.

As with all the design and branding campaigns our expert team work on, our initial focus centres on gathering information, extracting insight and opinions from your audience to help us shape your strategy.

Finding what can make your brand unique

Taking a deeper look at the essence of your brand to define and articulate those core truths and valuable points of difference - and how they can be harnessed to achieve stronger connections with people.

Researching market needs

Asking the right questions of the right people, observing behaviours and tracking discourse in and around the market to gain insights into the current state of play, where things are going and how to optimise your proposition.

Defining and exploring new verticals

Researching, identifying and defining meaningful opportunities for new products and services, that have the potential to drive growth in new markets and territories.

Delivering head-turning visual assets

Creating marketing assets and toolkits that communicate the value of your products and services with a particular focus on the user experience.

Sharing your story

Using an insightful approach to building creative communications that are clear and compelling and which deliver messages that matter to the customers and end users that are joining your brand’s journey.

Expanding consumer consciousness

Helping you deliver a more engaging experience to the people who matter by finding ways to weave your key messages into and across customer touchpoints spanning the omnichannel.

Consumer healthcare design services

The assets and approaches we choose for your campaign will be shaped by your proposition, your market position, your reach, and your resources. We will combine our understanding of your business with our expertise in your sector to decide which of the following deliverables to include in the scope of your project.

Brand Strategy

User Research

Cultural Insights & Ethnography

Innovation Workshops

Opportunity & Category Mapping

Trend Analysis and Futurecasting

Digital UI & UX Design

Film Making & Animation

Storytelling & Content Creation

Design for print

Brand guidelines

Packaging design