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A London branding agency with creative bite

Drawing upon the multidisciplinary talents of our world class team of researchers, analysts, designers and writers, we create meaningful experiences for purpose-led health, wellness and lifestyle brands that understand the value of building an identity that is relevant and distinctive.


Delivering brands with staying powerc

A stronger brand leads to better results. But the road to finding lasting resonance is often long, not to mention littered with false starts and wrong turns.

At Recipe Design, we know how to create brands with substance and scope; entities that deliver with vision to challenge the competition to push harder and do better. We use our Meaning Centred Design™ process to develop proprietary insight for our clients and ensure that their investments are less risky, deliver better outcomes and build long term competitive advantage.

Finding – and defining – your brand’s meaning

Great branding is not simply about designing a cool logo. For greater impact, every brand touchpoint needs to be considered from the customer perspective, and every aspect of the user experience aligned with a vision that can be believed, bought into and invested in at an emotional level.

We’ll listen. We’ll learn. We’ll help you find and articulate your ‘whys’. And then, once we truly understand what your business is trying to achieve, we’ll translate intention into action and deliver the kind of award-winning work for which we have become known – work that is well considered, meaningful and measurable.

Data-driven brand strategies for high-impact solutions

We’ve based our NPD processes on years of conversations with companies just like yours.

We understand the challenges you’re facing. We know what questions we need to ask to elicit powerful responses. Our brand designers know how to lift the essence of your brand from the DNA of your business, and how to create design and marketing assets that convey your values with clarity and distinction.

And because all of our brand strategy and design work is built using the principles of Meaning Centred Design™, we understand how to build your identity system in a way that will minimise risk, increase your competitive advantage, and optimise your investment to its fullest potential.

What to expect from our brand design company

Although every programme of work with our agency is tailored to a specific set of objectives, we rely on a series of strategic elements to help us deliver the exceptional designs our clients have come to expect from us.

In order to uncover opportunity areas with deep and sustainable value for your brand, we need the inputs, expertise and insight that will help us to make the right choices. Our brand design service draws on a range of tools and techniques including;

Deep consumer insights

Extensive research into your target customers to uncover the thoughts, feelings and perceptions that are shaping their values, influencing what they say and driving the choices they make.

Market analysis

A deep dive into the state of your industry, reporting on current trends, tracking developments in technology and culture and analysing the semiotics and visual codes that will shape your customers’ perception of your brand.

Category and market mapping

Plotting the way forward for your brand, products, services and communications with a clear focus on the opportunities that are emerging for value creation and deep consumer engagement.

Future design considerations

Looking at the technological, cultural, behavioural and legislative factors that may affect your business performance down the line to futureproof your investment and make design as sustainable as possible.

Elegantly designed packaging

Finding the meaningful balance between form and function to ensure every piece of structural packaging design makes the right impression and delivers the right experience for your customers.

Expert storytelling

Captivating communications using all available channels and media, including films, animations, digital applications and other design assets.

Brand design services

Our London based branding agency provides a comprehensive range of strategic design services, including;

Brand Strategy

User Research and Expert Interviews

Cultural Insights & Ethnography

Innovation Workshops

Opportunity & Category Mapping

Trend Analysis and Futurecasting

Digital UI & UX Design

Film Making & Animation

Storytelling & Content Creation

Design for print

Brand guidelines

Packaging design