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Exploring the connection between sleep and emotion

How our homes can improve our sleep and productivity

Growing demands on our modern lives have led to a concerning increase in our stress levels and as a result, the world is struggling to sleep. Linked to numerous chronic health conditions, including Alzheimer’s, anxiety, dementia, hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes, sleep is a commonly neglected aspect of our overall health. With a sudden global shift to holistic health practices, consumers are starting to prioritise sleep as an essential part of their wellness routines, exposing a growing opportunity to lead the conversation around sleep health.


SOOVE is an ambient home monitoring device with advanced facial tracking and audio capture technology. By recognising the key signs of stress in our facial expressions and analysing the sounds around us, SOOVE connects our data to our smart environments. It reacts intelligently and empathetically, initiating autonomous changes in the home environment that can positively impact the factors that influence our sleep.

Soove enables us to influence and improve the core factors that affect our sleep. It unifies our data, smart devices and homes with a single vision to be more productive in our daily lives.

Lee Twycross,

Senior Industrial Designer

Recipe Design

Changing meaning

Soove establishes a unique visual language in an evolving home monitoring market. Through the blending of existing codes in the audio and visual sectors, Soove shifts the experience of surveillance and security devices by reframing the negative undertones of the technology and repurposing it in a more positive light using our unique approach to Meaning Centred Design™

A New Perspective

The focal point of the concept is a powerful facial tracking camera and a distinctive signature sound cone which enables the personal monitor to look, listen and analyse. Combined with sound-absorbing materials, Soove reveals a whole new perspective into our complex lives and relationships. As the eyes and the ears of the Unity system, our smart homes will now be able to recognise who is at home, evaluate the overall wellbeing of each family member, and automatically react to their needs by creating tailored environments and offering guidance to help us rebalance and re-energise.

Privacy & Data Protection

Data has become more prevalent and a valuable commodity in a connected world. With so much valuable data pulsing through our homes and devices, privacy and protection are a fundamental part of smart living. The Unity systems work together tirelessly by utilising facial and biometric capabilities to ensure maximum protection and security to ensure this new form of currency is kept safe.

Empathetic UI

Soove introduces a friendly and inviting presence to the emerging ambient product market. By introducing a simple yet effective eye interface to inform us of each function, Soove adds a layer of empathy and builds a better personal connection with the device by humanising the experience. Most importantly it shows us we are still in full control and the system can be set private whenever we choose.

Enhanced Application

Soove cannot only monitor our well-being from home, but it can also optimise our day on the go by utilising our smart devices own facial capture technologies. A simple and intuitive App allows the system to track and record multiple elements throughout the day which affect our mindset and lessen productivity, such as hydration and stress levels. The system then uses these insights to guide our personal decisions for the better, whilst our homes pre-empt and prepare for our return.

The Unity Family

Working seamlessly and autonomously with the Unity suite of products, Soove and its App capture all our audio and visual data throughout our lives and shares it to the Unity hub. From here, the data is analysed and processed and the insights which advise and influence our lives are shared visually throughout our homes and devices.

Together, we are smarter.