Signutra admin May 30, 2022

Signutra | Brand Strategy & Packaging Design

Building reassurance and relevance

A brand built from scratch and primed to steal share

A portfolio of nutrition products created from initial plan to launch in just under 3 years.

Recipe Design has created the identity, packaging and label designs for a new range of nutritional supplements for client Signutra Inc: Maxvida™ (for adults), Groviva™ (for children) and Vidavance™ (for diabetics).c

The new packs feature bold colours, powerful branding and clear information graphics, designed to work effectively in visually vibrant Indian retail environments.

A custom solution

The primary packaging itself is completely bespoke for the range, and has many novel features.

There is a snap-on lid with a hermetic seal, which has two wings for easy opening; a patented ‘click and store’ measurement scoop slots neatly into the upper part of the tub; and significantly the sturdy, stacking tubs can be replenished from refill packs, and provide amazing quality storage vessels after use.

Precipice developed a unique brand and functional pack for our medical nutritional supplement range which Signutra then brought to the market. It was important to launch the new product range with a strong and appealing ‘meaning’, supported with innovative packaging and visual brand language. Precipice achieved this, enabling us to have a strong launch with added product differentiation.

Ewald Van Der Ven

Global Business Lead

Signutra Inc.

Using our unique semiotic process and iterative research sessions with local pharmacists, GPs and consumers, we defined the visual and functional parameters for our work.

We were impressed by their quick understanding of the market needs, their in-depth analysis of the market, brand landscape and pack structures and the ultimate design they delivered - Brilliant! Their attention to detail is spot on and I found them true partners in finding solutions to challenges that occured across this large scale R&D programme.

Ewald Van Der Ven

Global Business Lead

Signutra Inc.