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Shaping the meaning of sound

Translating insight to frame the future brand experience

In a world where excellent sound, picture, design and UI are readily available at competitive prices from well-known and widely-acclaimed brands, why should the target segment feel compelled to buy B&O?

This was the question posed to us by the board at Bang and Olufsen.

Working with Recipe was an adventure, and the result was like poetry. I find myself using their work and insights again and again, in all manner of situations. Each time learning now, each time getting a little bit smarter, being inspired of new ways to deliver deep meaning through our offerings. It just keeps on giving. Pitching meaning-centred design and Recipe to our CEO was the smartest career move I’ve made to date.

Lyle Clarke

Concept Manager

Bang & Olufsen

Although we can’t share any detail, as the programme was strategically significant and highly confidential, we can share the premise of our activities.

We were asked to explore what sound means to people - culturally, socially, emotionally and physically. Identifying future shifts in meaning and how the new portfolio of AV products could adapt to these new meanings. We looked beyond the object to the wider context of use - the concept of home and the spaces inside it. Not just discrete spaces but blended spaces, layered by ever more mobile technology.

We are still using the insights, and have a tonne of things happening that trace their way back. Meaning based innovation resonates…

Lyle Clarke

Concept Manager

Bang & Olufsen


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